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You must decide how much to spend on a wedding ring during the planning phase. You must select how much of your money to spend on each element, from the location to the flowers.

A big number of people opt for a ring like this, which costs less than $200. (depending on the metal). However, some people may be willing to pay five figures for a show stopper like this ring.
Examine our article to learn about the average cost of wedding bands and whether you should get a wedding ring. We’ll also present ideas on the best wedding bands in a variety of wedding ring pricing levels.
In the year 2019, the typical price of a wedding ring for a man was $510, while the typical price of a wedding band for a woman was $1,100. On average, the cost of wedding rings accounts for three per cent of a couple’s overall wedding expenditures. The engagement ring cost was 14% of the total wedding expenditure.


How Much Should A Wedding Ring Cost?

Prices for wedding rings can range anywhere from $180 to $2,000 or even higher. The cost of wedding rings is determined by several factors, including the precious metal, the set design, the number of diamonds, and the location at which the rings are purchased. For instance, this traditional ring made of 14-karat white gold costs $240, and this ring with micropave diamonds costs $1,080.


How Much Should You Spend On A Wedding Ring?

The amount of money you should spend on a wedding ring is contingent on some things, including the setting you like and the total cost of the event. Choose an engagement ring that you will enjoy wearing for many years to come that is affordable for your budget. When looking for a wedding ring, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind.


Rings That Complement Each Other

Many engaged couples want to have their rings matched or coordinated so that they appear to belong together when they are worn together. For example, you and your significant other might decide to wear rings made of rose gold. You might also choose rings that have similar designs, such as this Princess Cut channel set for women and this one for men.
However, there are certain partnerships in which neither partner gives a hoot about coordinating with the other. It’s possible that they have a white gold ring and another yellow gold, but the designs on both rings are different.
Have a conversation with your soon-to-be husband about whether or not you want your rings to look similar. This can be helpful when picking styles for your wedding rings and deciding how much they will cost.

Wedding Bands That Match The Engagement Ring

Because an engagement ring is typically chosen first, it is essential to locate a wedding band that complements the style of the engagement ring. The price of a wedding ring can range anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 or even more for women. It is time and money well spent to look for a wedding band that can be coordinated with the wedding theme.
For instance, if your engagement ring is white gold, the metal of your wedding band should also be white gold. Think about the width of your band and make sure it won’t compete with the attention drawn to your engagement ring. Select a plain ring with or without diamonds, or set some diamonds into it to make it shine even more. You may choose the perfect wedding band to compliment your engagement ring using a tool like the Wedding Ring Matcher.
While others choose to solder their engagement and wedding rings together, others decide to leave their engagement and wedding rings separate. The answer is determined by your taste and the way the rings go together when worn. Sending them together may stop the rings from rotating and going out of step with one another.
The ring you exchange vows with should be durable, as it will see daily use. Wedding rings are typically made of 14-karat or 18-karat gold or platinum. For its price and durability, 14-karat gold can’t be beaten. Despite its higher propensity to scratch due to its higher gold content, 18K gold is still hardy enough for daily wear. In comparison to gold, platinum’s longevity is greater, but its upkeep is also more labour intensive.
The essential aspect of a ring is how it makes you feel when you wear it. Miniature rings with milgrain detailing are cute and timeless. A twisted micropavé wedding band will be a great choice if you want something special for your big day. A wedding ring is a symbol of your love and devotion to one another. Moreover, it reveals your sense of fashion.
White gold is the most common choice for women’s wedding bands, while tungsten is the most common choice for men.
Your Overall Wedding Budget
Your wedding budget will determine how much you can spend on a wedding ring. A standard price for wedding rings does not exist. Wedding rings account for 3% of a couple’s total spending. If your wedding costs $25,000, a 3% discount would be $700.
Spending less on dessert or music can be acceptable if you allocate 5% of your money to rings. Each couple must determine how they will give their wedding funds. You and your fiancé should talk about how much of your wedding spending you can dedicate to rings. Look for a sum that satisfies both of you.
A Long-Standing Tradition
The wedding ring is given to both the bride and the groom. Alternatively, in same-sex marriages, the couple may exchange rings. The wedding bands of different couples often complement one another, but this is not always the case.
Papyrus rings and bracelets were worn as symbols of a couple’s commitment at the dawn of Egyptian civilisation. These early pieces of bridal jewellery set the standard. Gradually, wedding bands have become more robust, evolving from ivory, bone, and wood to silver and gold.
Platinum and titanium are now widely used, joining silver and gold as traditional choices. While today a wedding ring is a symbol of a couple’s undying love and commitment, in the past, it was also a symbol of the man claiming the lady as his property.

Significance Of The Wedding Ring

Some people think that because the ring is infinitely round, it always symbolises the union of two souls. People often make the analogy between the gap in the middle of a wedding band with a door that opens onto new possibilities.
Since ancient times, wedding rings have been worn on the left hand’s ring finger. This finger is symbolic because the vein running through it is thought to lead directly to the heart (although in modern times, this theory has been disproven, the tradition it signifies remains). The concept is known as the “vein of love” in Latin, or vena amoris. (It’s interesting to notice that the wedding ring is worn on the right hand in some regions of Europe!)

What It Costs For A Wedding Ring

It’s up to you and your tastebuds how much you want to spend on wedding rings. Traditional wedding rings are more of a token of your commitment to one another than a financial investment. If you’re looking to make a profound fashion statement, there are plenty of costly rings available.
Some examples of possible costs for wedding bands are listed below.
How Your Metal Choice Will Change The Price Of Your Wedding Rings
Platinum used to be the most costly precious metal option for rings, often costing around $180 more than gold equivalents due to its scarcity, shine, and unsurpassed durability. However, in 2020, the price of gold matched that of platinum for the first time. While platinum and 18-karat gold are the traditional metals for wedding bands, palladium is also an attractive and affordable option. Palladium’s price has skyrocketed this year, making it more expensive than platinum and gold.
The price of metals can go up or down, just like any other raw commodity, depending on supply and demand. But the cost of wedding bands has been relatively stable over the past few years, so you should expect to pay the same whether you shop three, six, or even twelve months before the big day.
The price of your wedding rings will remain the same no matter which metal you select, which isn’t often the case. White gold requires periodic replating because the white-toned rhodium eventually wears off, revealing the more buttery-yellow colour of the unplated white gold. Most jewellers will charge you to re-plate your jewellery, and the total cost will increase with time.

How Much Do Diamond Wedding Rings Cost?

Adding a diamond to your wedding ring will increase its value because diamonds are one of the most valuable substances on Earth and are highly sought after. The price of a wedding ring rises in proportion to its size and number of diamonds.
An eternity ring with diamonds set entirely around the band is one possibility; other, more cost-effective choices are also available. Diamond wedding rings with 60 per cent, 50 per cent, or 40 per cent diamonds are less expensive since they include fewer diamonds. The figure denotes the proportion of the band adorned with diamonds. From above, a wedding ring set with 40-60% diamonds will look like a standard eternity ring, but the bottom will be plain.
What is the lowest price for a diamond engagement ring? A 1.6mm, 60% diamond set ring, the average wedding ring size for women, would run about $1,120. One size down would be around $1,000, and one size up around $1,200.

How Much Do Plain Wedding Rings Cost?

Plain wedding rings, which are the most uncomplicated style and typically do not include diamonds, are the least expensive option. The cost of a simple wedding ring is determined by the quantity of precious metal required to make it; a wider band and larger finger size result in a higher final price.
A plain, light court wedding band in platinum or 18K gold measuring 2mm in width will set you back about $320 in the average woman’s ring size of M and $350 in the average man’s ring size of T. A bulky item, of instance 5 mm in thickness, would set you back about $760 for the average woman and $870 for the average male.

FAQs About Wedding Ring

What Influences The Average Cost Of A Wedding Ring?

These prices are heavily impacted by factors such as geographic location, personality, level of financial stability, and relationship type. Using a ring calculator makes it simple and fast to estimate the typical price of a wedding ring.
Determine an acceptable pricing range first. The next step is to decide on the stone’s colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight. The carat, also known as the weighting system that jewellers employ, is an essential component in determining the cost of a wedding ring.
The bigger the carat of a ring’s stone, the more expensive it is, and the heavier the stone will be as well. In addition, the total carat weight of a wedding band is considered when calculating the price of the ring.

Why Are Platinum Wedding Rings So Expensive?

Attention to the type of metal used in constructing the wedding band is crucial. Compared to one crafted out of platinum, a ring produced out of plain gold would be less expensive to purchase.
Platinum rings are more costly than gold rings because platinum is a denser metal than gold, which means that more of the metal is required to manufacture a ring out of platinum.

What Is The Significance Of A Wedding Ring?

The exchange of wedding rings symbolises eternity. It is the physical manifestation of an inner and spiritual connection, which binds two hearts together in eternal love. You are welcome to place a ring on your bride’s finger at this time as a symbol of the love you share with one another and of the profound commitment you have made to be joined in spirit and in heart for the rest of your lives.
Some people regard the wedding ring as a priceless token representing the couple’s unwavering loyalty to one another throughout their lives. Other newlyweds view the act of exchanging wedding rings as analogous to other significant rituals, such as the bouquet throw and the cutting of the cake.

Why Do We Wear The Wedding Ring On The Left Hand?

The concept that the wedding ring should be worn on the left finger dates back to the 16th century and originates with the Tudor dynasty in England. It was common to practise wearing a ring on the left-hand ring finger since it was thought that a vein ran directly from the finger to the heart.
This gave the impression to onlookers that the wearer had a “title to their heart.” The ancient Romans had a superstition that a vein known as the Vena Amoris went directly from that finger to the heart.
As a result, wearing one’s wedding ring on this finger, which was considered a connection between the two people’s hearts, became a traditional practice.

Wedding Band Vs. Engagement Ring: Is The Engagement Ring More Expensive?

The engagement ring is one of the most expensive gifts a woman will ever receive. Many people spend their entire lives imagining their perfect engagement or wedding ring. Is the cost of the engagement ring higher then?
By and large, engagement rings are more ostentatious than wedding bands. Many people associate them with the word “bling” because of the larger centre stone (often a diamond) they include.
Engagement rings are typically more expensive than wedding bands because of this. The question then becomes, how much money should you spend on an engagement ring, and how should you allocate that money?

Cost Of Engagement Ring Vs. Wedding Ring: Why Engagement Rings Are More Expensive Than Wedding Bands

According to custom, an engagement ring’s price should equal two to three months’ worth of the prospective spouse’s income. The average amount many couples spend on an engagement ring is over $5,600, according to The Knot’s 2018 Real Weddings Survey. But let’s say your pay isn’t enough to last a year, or you have substantial debt from things like student loans or credit cards. It’s possible that this isn’t the best course of action in that circumstance. Do you have to spend extra on an engagement ring? The majority of the time, yeah!
Generally speaking, you shouldn’t spend more on an engagement ring than you can afford to. You can find creative solutions to this problem by opting for a vintage ring with sentimental value, like a family heirloom, or going with a custom design that features fewer, smaller stones.

Cheap Vs. Expensive Engagement Rings: The Cost Doesn’t Measure Love.
Choose An Engagement Ring That Symbolises You
There’s only one item to consider when setting a budget for an engagement ring. Make sure the ring means something to both of you.
Your choice should have symbolic significance for you and your fiance and show the bond you share. The ring symbolises your commitment to one another, so it shouldn’t be cheap, but it should show that you’ve put some thought into it.
Therefore, the ring will always stand for a commitment to the couple’s future together. Engagement rings are more expensive than wedding bands because they symbolise an investment in one’s future spouse as well as a symbolic gesture of one’s love for them.
If your significant other is realistic about your financial situation, they won’t demand a gift that’s out of your price range. However, they may hope you’ll give them something that symbolises your dedication to building a life with them.

Wedding Band Vs. Engagement Ring: Budgeting Wedding Bands

One ring, the wedding band, is often the cheaper of the two options. They are often simple metal rings with no jewels. The wedding band worn by the bride is typically made to complement the engagement ring she will wear on her ring finger.
The bride and groom wear wedding bands and often coordinate with one another. More essential than whether or not they match each other or an engagement ring is that wedding bands are a reflection of the personalities of the two people who will be wearing them.

How Much Should You Spend On Wedding Bands…in General?

There is no easy solution to this question because it relies on your preferences and financial situation. Depending on your budget, a wedding ring could be anything from a simple gold band to one covered in sparkling diamonds.
In addition, a lot of couples choose bands with an engraved initial or a unique metal that has some meaning to them. The wedding ring is the spot to cut costs; elegant bands can be had for a couple of hundred bucks or less (sometimes even less if you hit the right sale).

If My Budget Is Limited…how Much Should I Spend On A Wedding Band?

If you’re set on a flashy wedding band but don’t have the cash for it, consider purchasing a less affordable band for the wedding and giving the more expensive one as an anniversary present. It helps with the wedding budget and gives you a present idea for later on top of that.
The cost of an engagement ring and wedding band depends on the couple’s financial situation, personal taste, and tradition.
Express Your Love And Protect Your Investment
The two rings should be a reflection of your love and individuality. This is more important than saving money.
The best engagement and wedding rings can be found with some forethought and intimate knowledge of one another.

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