Cinematography in Indore

Cinematic Videography
To capture true display of pure emotions, you need to first narrate their story. Our dedicated team of camera professionals in Indore give their very best in every project. We strive to make charming, and hearty visuals.

Cinemetic Wedding teaser – Anirudha & Shreya  Marathi Wedding

Cinemetic Wedding teaser – Nishma & Sidharth – Bhargava Family

Cinemetic Wedding Teaser – Ronak & Shivani_Jain Family

Cinemetic Pre Wedding Video Song – Suraj & Himanshi

Cinemetic Pre Wedding Video Song – Sourabh & Devki

Cinemetic Pre Wedding Video Song – Gourav & Shivani

Cinemetic Pre Wedding Video Song – Kartik & Neha


The advent of ‘Candid’ Photography brought about a revolution in the Indian Wedding Photography Industry. Naturally it was only a matter of time before the humble and traditional ‘Documentary’ Wedding Video too evolved into something more creative and contemporary. And sure enough, the ‘Cinematic’ Wedding Film was soon born.

Fairytale Weddings deserve to be replayed like a ‘Fairytale’ too. Cinematography achieves this by bringing together the creative minds and eyes of the DOP’s and cinematographers with multiple cameras, varied angles and compositions, and a host of modern and advanced equipment like dollies, stabilizers, automated motion-control equipment, aerial cameras and more. The result is a brief, beautiful film that tells not just the story of your big day in a manner that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear everytime you watch it, but will allow you to truly relive those moments in a splendid fashion for a lifetime.

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