select the best venue for your luxurious wedding day

They say that “Marriages are made in heaven,” but to make them divine, the arrangements are to be made on earth by people.
Well, each and every wedding-related choice has an impact on crafting the entire experience of your big day; there are some decisions that have a bigger impact than other things. Your wedding venue is one of such biggest factors.
The place you choose directly contributes to setting out your wedding tone, which is why it is important to choose your wedding venue wisely. After all, you’re going to finalize a place to have your family, friends and guests gather, celebrate and have fun.
There are so many other decisions like décor, catering and guest list (to some extent) that depend on the kind of venue and space you finalize. So it is best to start by blocking the date and finalizing the venue as the first steps. Good venues get booked 12-14 months in advance, so the sooner you get started (aim to begin your search at least six to seven months ahead), the more likely it is for you to get your first choice venue that best aligns with your wedding style and theme.
Several wedding experts believe that picking the right venue can be overwhelming and arduous and take days. Just to simplify the process, we can help you formulate questions ahead of any visits to the venue that will serve as a checklist before you finalize and sign a contract. You just need to ensure that the venue you finalize ticks all the boxes.
Let’s start with the main points;


We have already discussed it. Choosing the venue should be one of the first wedding planning moves you make. For this, ‘the earlier, the better is the thumb rule, especially if you’re very particular about details and want to ensure that your venue fits in with all the requirements.
While finalizing the venue, three main factors need to be pre-determined; budget, the approximate number of guests attending the wedding, and space requirements.
Try to book at least five to six months in advance to leave yourself time to plan other significant things like décor, catering, music arrangements (arranging for great speakers), creating an event program, invitation cards etc.
Beyond a destination wedding, where some element of travel gets added naturally to the event plan, you need to know about your venue’s accessibility if you’re going for a local event.
Can it be easily reached by the guests, or is it too out of the way?
In case many attendees are travelling from out of town, a venue near the airport or the hotel where they are staying would be advantageous. And do not forget to consider traffic conditions, transportation and parking options.
If the venue does not have enough parking space, you can explore the options nearby and reserve a parking lot.
You can also consider looking at Uber and Ola discount schemes for events and can further negotiate with them to arrange to set this up. Provide the promo codes to all attendees.
You can also look for opportunities for attendees to share a cab with each other depending on their arrival time which also gives them a chance to interact.


The facility’s capacity is the next important factor that can make or break a venue. You cannot stuff 500 people into a space that can only accommodate 300. Sometimes the opposite of it happens and becomes problematic. Clients go out and pick an oversized space for their guest count, and then they end up spending a fortune to make it look full.
If you have two or more functions and are booking two spaces in the same facility, make sure both spaces can fit your total guest count.

Services and amenities

You must be careful about finding out what other services and amenities the venue offers. For example, does the venue has a kitchen and can offer catering services? In this case, they usually charge a down payment along with the cost of food for each attendee.
Sometimes if they do not have a kitchen inside, they may have a partnership with the food provider that can help you out. In both cases, you got to check their food in advance. After that, finalizing a menu can be the next big thing.
Some of the other things that can be checked are whether the venue has audio/visual capabilities or if they need to be arranged from outside. Or do they have a setup or clean-up crew?


Being flexible on the event date can get you more ways to negotiate with the venues. They must have a few open dates on the calendar they want to fill. If you are searching for a venue well before time, you can suggest two or three date options to them for discounted pricing.
So, these were the main points to consider while finalizing the venue. Though it seems to be easier said than done, if you consider the above points, you will certainly end up finding the perfect venue for your event.

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