Karwa Chauth 2022: Karwa Chauth 2022: When is Karwa Chauth, Puja timing, Moonrise

Karak Chaturthi, or Karwa Chauth, is one of the most important festivals celebrated by married women in the Hindu and Punjabi communities. On this day, women in Northern and Western India observe fast for an entire day for the longevity, safety, and prosperity of their husbands and breaks fast after seeing moon. The Karwa Chauth fasting is done on fourth day of Krishna Paksha Chaturthi in the Hindu month of Kartik. This year the day is falling on October 13 this year.
The fasting of Karwa Chauth is observed by married women for the long life of their husband. Married women worship Lord Shiva and His family including Lord Ganesha and break the fast only after sighting and making the offerings to the moon. The fasting of Karwa Chauth is strict and observed without taking any food or even a drop of water after sunrise till the sighting of the moon in the night.

Karwa Chauth Puja Timings, Moon Sighting Time

However, like several other festivals, this year there is a confusion on on the date and time of Karwa Chauth as well.
As per the Hindu Panchang, the festival will be celebrated on the evening of October 13.

Karwa Chauth 2022 date

Karwa Chauth will be observed on October 13, 2022

Karwa Chauth 2022 Chaturthi Tithi

The Chaturthi Tithi will remain in effect from 1:59 AM on October 13 to 3:08 AM on October 14.

Karwa Chauth 2022 Puja timing

The Karwa Chauth puja muhurat is between 5:54 PM to 7:09 PM.

Karwa Chauth 2022 Moonrise

The Moon is expected to rise at 8:09 PM.
However, the timings may differ according to the weather conditions in your area.

Karwa Chauth significance

Women begin their day before the sunrise with a ritual of eating sargi. The ritual differs from community to community. The fasting women can eat fruits, feni, coconut or other sargi items before sun rise. The women observe fast for the whole day on Karwa Chauth. In the evening, all the nearby women come at one place to perform puja and listen Karwa Chauth story or observe other rituals.
Later in the evening, during the shubh muhurat mentioned above, women perform puja, sight the Moon and then break the fast.

Karwa Chauth Puja Samagri 2022: पूजा करते वक्त इन सामग्री का जरूर करें इस्तेमाल

Karwa Chauth Puja Samagri: करवा चौथ पर पूजा करते वक्त कुछ चीजों का जरूर इस्तेमाल करना चाहिए।
Karwa Chauth Puja Samagri: करवा चौथ का व्रत महिलाएं अपने पति की लंबी आयु के लिए रखती हैं। इस व्रत के दौरान पूजा करते वक्त कुछ बातों का विशेष रूप से ध्यान रखना चाहिए।
दरअसल इस दिन के लिए विशेष पूजा सामग्री होती है जिसका पूजा करते वक्त जरूर इस्तेमाल करना चाहिए। माना जाता है इस सामग्री का इस्तेमाल करने के बाद ही पूजा संपूर्ण होती है। आइए जानते हैं इस व्रत के दौरान किन चीजों का जरूर इस्तेमाल करना चाहिए।

करवा चौथ पूजा सामग्री 2022 (Karwa Chauth Puja Samagri 2022)

कथा पुस्तक

करवा चौथ के दिन पूजा करते वक्त कथा जरूर सुनी जाती है। बिना कथा सुने इस दिन की पूजा को अधूरा माना जाता है। ऐसे में आप इस दिन पूजा करते वक्त अपने साथ व्रत की पुस्तक जरूर रखें। आपको यह पुस्तक किसी भी मार्केट या ऑनलाइन प्लेटफॉर्म पर मिल जाएगी।
करवा जरूर रखें
पूजा की थाली के साथ करवा भी जरूर खरीदें। कथा सुनते वक्त और रात को चांद देखते वक्त करवे से ही चांद को अर्घ्य दिया जाता है। कोशिश करें की आप ढक्कन वाला करवा खरीदें। खुला करवा अच्छा नहीं माना जाता है।

कांस की तीलियां

कांस की तीलियों का भी करवा चौथ की पूजा के दौरान जरूर इस्तेमाल किया जाता है। इन तीलियों को पूजा के दौरान करवे के छेद में डाला जाता है।

16 श्रृंगार

करवा चौथ का व्रत शादीशुदा महिलाएं रखती हैं इसलिए इस पर्व की पूजा के दौरान थाली में 16 श्रृंगार जरूर रखें। 16 श्रृंगार में आप मेहंदी, बिंदी, सिंदूर, चुनरी और बिछुए जैसे चीजों को शामिल कर सकते हैं।

दीपक जरूर रखें

करवा चौथ की पूजा की थाली में दीपक जरूर रखें। आटे से बना दीपक इस पूजा के लिए बहुत अच्छा माना जाता है। साथ ही सिंदूर, रोली, मोली और कुमक रखना भी ना भूलें।
करवा चौथ की पूजा के दौरान महिलाएं आपस में अपनी प्लेट घुमाकर पूजा करती हैं। इसके बाद सभी की मट्ठियों को प्रसाद के रूप में बांटा जाता है। आप भी पूजा करते वक्त मीठी या नमकीन मट्ठी जरूर रखें।
अगर आप भी इस साल करवा चौथ रखने वाली हैं तो पूजा की थाली में इन सामान को जरूर रखें। पूजा के दौरान इन सभी चीजों को अपने साथ रखना काफी अच्छा माना जाता है।

Karwa Chauth Celebrations

The day of Karva Chauth is celebrated mostly amongst the entire North Indian community settled either in India and other parts of the world. The most important aspect of this day is that a dawn to dusk fast is undertaken by the North Indian ladies and seeing the moon they finally break the fast. The Karva Chauth fast is unique perhaps because nowhere in the world does a wife go without food or water just to pray for the longevity and well-being of her husband. In modern day, with all the trappings of commercialization attached, Karva Chauth, the big fasting day has turned into a full-fledged event. The event is growing bigger with each passing day. Karva Chauth celebrations promise to grow bigger with each passing year. The Halwais, the Mehendi and Churiwallis have traditionally been busy on this auspicious day. But joining the bandwagon in recent times are the beauty parlour owners, the event managers and the restaurant owners.
Karva Chauth special eateries are gearing up for now. Cashing in on the popularity of ‘eating out’ most restaurants have special menus for this special day. No wonder almost every happening-eating joint around town is offering plenty of attractive options to choose from. Various clubs organize special events on this festive day with various stalls, bumper Tambola and even a dance competition. With so much feasting and fun added to it, fasting had never been so good before.

Karwa Chauth Messages

Karwa Chauth, the auspicious and significant festival of India is now approaching fast making this is the best time for every married Indian women and men to start the preparations for the festival of Karwa Chauth. It is one of the much awaited Indian festival celebrations for every married couple that strengthens their bond of love and affection. So here is some heart winning Karwa Chauth messages which you can find suitable to share with your loved ones on the day of Karwa Chauth 2022.
Customs & Rituals
1. On This Blessed Night,
May the Jingling Of Churis,
Fill Your Life with Good Luck,
The Twinkling of Payal,
Announce Your Love for Him,

2. Fast taken by wives…
For well being, longevity
and prosperity of husbands.
Seeking his blessings.
May this blissful day fills your life…
With love and happiness.
**Happy Karwa Chauth**

3. May The Sindoor,
Testify Your Prayers,
For Your Husband’s Long Life.
The Mangal Sutra Reminds You Of,
The Promises That Binds You.
And The Color Of Mehndi,
Prove The Depth Of Your Love.
Happy Karwa Chauth..!!

4. I’m feeling so happy, do u know why?
Cuz i m so lucky, do u know how?
Cuz God loves me.Do u know how?
Cuz he gave me a gift.
Do u know what?
Its YOU my love!
Happy Karwa Chauth…!!

5. Karwa Chauth Ka Yeh Tyohar,
Aaye Aur Laaye Khushiyan Hazaar,
Yehi Hai Dua Hamari Aap Har Baar Manayein Yeh Tyohar,
Salamat Rahey Aap Aur Aapka Pariwar”

6. I told my heart not to beat since u were filled in it,
It kept my word and stopped the beat.
Since the blood was passing through the heart,
The passes of each drop said your name my love!
Thanks for praying for me.
Happy Karva Chauth!!

7. On this Karwa Chauth, sending my heartfelt wishes you way.
May all your prayers for your husband’s well being,
be answered today and always.
!!Happy Karwa Chauth!!

8. A Dark Cloud of Gloom Is Hovering My Heart,
Am Praying For Your Happiness and Long Life,
You Are Always In My Heart,
Missing You Very Much on This Karwa Chauth…

9. The moon is shining brightly…
The festive mood is all around…
But you are so far away…
Sweetheart, I miss you so much,
On this Karwa Chauth!!

10. Pray, The Sindoor Adorns the Forehead of Every Women.
Let God Bless you for a Long and Happy Married Life.
**Happy Karwa Chauth**

11. Purush Sangathan Janhit mein Jari
Aap sabhi se anurodh hai
Karwa Chauth ke din khud ko
Apni patniyon se bacha ker rakhe
Kyunki bhuki sherni or bhi khatarnak hoti hai
12. Laxmi ji ka vahan (ullu) unse ruth gaya or bola…
Aapki sab pooja karte hai.. mjhe koi nahi pujta.
Laxmi ji boli…..ab se har saal meri pooja se 11 din pehle tumhari pooja hogi.
Us din ullu pooje jayenge
Tabhi se diwali k 11 din pehle KARWA CHOWTH manaya jane laga.
Jago patiyo jago ?????????
Janhit me jaari

13. As you worship the Moon God..
and pray fot the long life of your husband..
May you be blessed with..
All that you heart desires.
–Happy Karwa Chauth–

14. Aaj mujhe aapka khaas intezaar hai,
Ye din hai karvachauth ka..
Apki lambi umra ki mujhe darkaar hai..
Jaldi aana, yakin karna apke liye sab chorr baitha apka pyar hai !

15. My Wishes, May This Day of Karwa Chauth Make Our Married Life
More Happy & Stronger Happy Karwa Chauth My Loving Wife ——
You Are My Life Dear…

16. When I say I love you,
It doesn’t mean just 3 words of love,
It means I care for you,
I trust u,
I believe you,
I miss you,
Love sometimes changes some moment
And sometimes Whole Life!
==Happy Karwa Chauth==

17. Hope this day strengthens the bond of love between you two.
May the almighty bless you with a happy and long married life.
!!Happy Karwa Chauth!!

18. Jab Tak Na Dekhe Chahera
Na Safal Ho Ye Tyohar
Aapke Bina Adhura He Jivan
Jaldi Aao Dikhado Apni
Aur Kar Do Karva Chauth
Safal Hamara…

19. Its day of fast my wife
I know you care for my life
Though I can eat
but believe I did not take any wheat
I as Husband cares of your
Every moment I love you More… More and More…
Happy Karwa Chauth to my darling wife…

20. If I were a tear in your eye I wood roll down onto your lips.
But if you were a tear in my eye,
I wood never cry as I wood be afraid to lose you!
Thanks for being mine forever.
**Happy Karwa Chauth**

Origin and Significance

The fast of Karwa Chauth is of particular importance to all Hindu married women in India. They believe that the festival ensures prosperity, longevity and well-being of their husbands. The origin of this festival was based on a very sweet and noble idea. Though this idea has lost its true sense as today the whole outlook of this festival has changed.In the ancient time, girls used to get married at a very early stage, and had to go and live with their in-laws in other villages. After marriage, if she faces any problem with her in-laws or her husband, she would have no one to talk to or seek support from. There used to be no telephones, buses and trains long ago. Her own parents and relatives would be quite far and unreachable. Thus the custom started that, at the time of marriage, when bride would reach her in-laws, she would befriend another woman there who would be her friend or sister for life. It would be like god-friends or god-sisters. Their friendship would be sanctified through a small Hindu ceremony right during the marriage.
Once the bride and this woman had become god-friends or god-sisters, they would remain so all their lives and recognize the relation as such. They would also treat each other like real sisters.
Later in life, if she faces any difficulty related to her husband or in-laws, she would be able to confidently talk or seek help from each other. Thus, Karwa Chauth was started to as a festival to celebrate this relationship between the once-brides and their god-friends (god-sisters). Fasting and praying for husband came later and is secondary. It was probably added, along with other mythical tales, to enhance the festival.
The husband would always be associated with this festival, because the day of starting this holy friendship between two god-sisters was essentially the day of bride’s marriage to him. Thus, praying and fasting for him by his wife during a celebration of her relationship with the god-friend would be quite logical.
Hence, the festival of Karwa Chauth was to renew and celebrate the relationship between god-friends (god-sisters). It had a tremendous social and cultural significance when world was not having the way to communicate and move around easily.
Karwachauth Festival & its Social Significance

Social Significance of Karwa Chauth

The festival of Karva Chauth was emerged as a day to celebrate the season of autumn and enjoy the company of friends and relatives. But later on, many mythological legends were added to give it a religious touch. This festival is glorified and widely solemnized by the Hindus and Sikh of north-western India. As the name signifies, Karva meaning a clay pot and chauth corresponding to the fourth, this festival is commemorated on the the fourth day after the Full Moon in Kartik month of Hindu calendar. A few days before Karva Chauth, married women buy new karvas, the spherical clay pots and paint them on the outside with beautiful designs. Inside the pot, they put bangles and ribbons, home-made candy and sweets, make-up items and small clothes e.g. handkerchief. The women then visit each other on the day of Karva Chauth or immediately afterward, and exchange these karvas. Season-wise, soon after the harvest, it is an excellent time to enjoy festivities, meet one another and exchange gifts. During the time of Karva Chauth, parents send gifts to married daughters and their children.
Usually, falling in the month of October, Karvachauth is celebrated midst harvesting of summer crops. Apart from the fast, kept by married woman for the long life of their husbands, people like to remember and meet their relatives and friends, and exchange gifts with them. Thus, Karva Chauth is very much a social and seasonal festival as it is a religious affair.
Regional Significance of Karwa Chauth
Karwa Chauth festival has an extraordinary observance rate among married women in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. This is a significant day for married women as they keep fast for the long-life and well-being of of their husbands. The way of celebrating Karwa Chauth vary from each other on regional basis.

Regional Significance of Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth festival has an extraordinary observance rate among married women in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. This is a significant day for married women as they keep fast for the long-life and well-being of of their husbands. The way of celebrating Karwa Chauth vary from each other on regional basis.

Regional Significance of Karwa Chauth
The festival of Karwa chauth is one of the most important festival for married women in Punjab. Few days before this auspicious festival, all the markets in Punjab gets flooded with various accessories and decorative items including bangles, beautiful sarees, embroidered suits, stalls of sweets and eatables. Number of artists from different cities like Agra, Jaipur, Delhi, etc gather here with their special mehndis to decorate hands of women. In some parts of Punjab, young damsels too keep the fast in the hope of winning a loving husband.

Among the women of Rajasthan, the festival of Karwa Chauth has its own meaning. The women make the karwas with mud and fill them with rice and wheat. They wear their wedding-day dress or chunris on this auspicious day. Karwa Chauth generally falls on the full moon day of the month Jyeshtha. This is also known as ‘Vata Purnima’. Interestingly, the woman who observes this fast is not only blessed with welfare of her husband but also wins the same husband for the next seven births.
Uttar Pradesh
In Uttar Pradesh, the married women keep the fast and pray for the long-life of their husband. They decorate the walls of their home with drawings of Gauri Ma, the moon and the sun. They also make the karwa with mud and perform the evening puja with earthen lamps. Before looking at the moon, the women pray to the figurines at their doorstep.

Other States
Other Indian states also observes this fast. In Gujarat, many women observe this fast with great spirit. In Madhya Pradesh also, most of them follow the traditions of the women from Uttar Pradesh. In all these states the first ‘Karva Chauth’ of any new bride is a very important festival. New clothes, new jewelery and gifts from both mother and mother-in-law are received. The wedding day outfits are worn once again, mehndi is applied and the family gathers to celebrate it with them. There are many similar stories associated with this festival in different parts of India. In Maharashtra this particular fast is not very popular but a similar one called ‘Vaat Savitri’ is kept by married women
First Karwa Chauth
Karva Chauth is of great importance for married Hindu women but the festival is seen as a big occasion for women undertaking their first Karva Chauth fast after marriage. A newly married woman is given utmost importance by relatives and immediate family members when she observes her first fast for the long life of her husband. She is showered with blessings of blissful married life and loads of Karva Chauth gifts especially by her mother-in-law.
First Sargi
Mother-in-law prepares an elaborate Sargi (the pre-dawn Karva Chauth meal) when her daughter-in-law observes her first fast. She wakes up much early to prepare a sumptuous and lavish meal inclusive of sweets and other delicacies for daughter-in-law. Saasu-ma blesses her bahu with an ashirvaad of ‘Sada Suhagan Raho’ which means, ‘may you always enjoy a blissful married life’ when the latter touches her feet with reverence. She also presents her daughter-in-law with gifts, which may be a piece of jewelry or a heavy saree on the first Karva Chauth.
First Baya
Baya is a gift given to a daughter’s mother-in-law on the occasion of Karva Chauth. It usually consists of salted mathris, dry-fruits and some gifts. This Baya is a little more special when the daughter is observing her first Karva Chauth. Mothers of newly wed daughters bring gifts for all her family members. Some utensils are also included in the baya which are to be distributed amongst women who join the newly-wed on her first Karva Chauth Puja.

Elaborate Puja Preparations
Elaborate preparations are made for the customary evening Karva Chauth Puja in a family where a newly wed daughter-in-law observes her first Karva-Chauth. Married female relatives are invited to participate in the puja. The newly married woman often wears her bridal lehanga or a heavy saree and adorns herself with lot of jewelry and make up. After the puja ceremony she seeks blessings for happy married life from all elder women. The newly wed woman distributes mathris or utensils amongst the ladies that were a part of baya.

Gifts from Husband

Husband of the woman who observes her first Karva Chauth feel proud and great to see her better half observing such a rigorous fast for him. He gets overwhelmed with love and respect for her wife and pampers her with loads of Karva Chauth gifts. These days husbands also takes her wife out for a dinner to save her from the drudgery of day’s cooking work.
Karva Chauth Story
“A long long time ago, there lived a beautiful princess by the name of Veeravati. When she was of the marriageable age, Veeravati was married to a king. On the occasion of the first Karva Chauth after her marriage, she went to her parents’ house.”
“After sunrise, she observed a strict fast. However, the queen was too delicate and couldn’t stand the rigours of fasting. By evening, Veeravati was too weak, and fainted. Now, the queen had seven brothers who loved her dearly. They couldn’t stand the plight of their sister and decided to end her fast by deceiving her. They made a fire at the nearby hill and asked their sister to see the glow. They assured her that it was the moonlight and since the moon had risen, she could break her fast.”

“However, the moment the gullible queen ate her dinner, she received the news that her husband, the king, was dead. The queen was heartbroken and rushed to her husband’s palace. On the way, she met Lord Shiva and his consort, Goddess Parvati. Parvati informed her that the king had died because the queen had broken her fast by watching a false moon. However, when the queen asked her for forgiveness, the goddess granted her the boon that the king would be revived but would be ill.”
“When the queen reached the palace, she found the king lying unconscious with hundreds of needles inserted in his body. Each day, the queen managed to remove one needle from the king’s body. Next year, on the day of Karva Chauth, only one needle remained embedded in the body of the unconscious king.”

“The queen observed a strict fast that day and when she went to the market to buy the karva for the puja , her maid removed the remaining needle from the king’s body. The king regained consciousness, and mistook the maid for his queen. When the real queen returned to the palace, she was made to serve as a maid.”

“However, Veeravati was true to her faith and religiously observed the Karva Chauth vrat . Once when the king was going to some other kingdom, he asked the real queen (now turned maid) if she wanted anything. The queen asked for a pair of identical dolls. The king obliged and the queen kept singing a song ” Roli ki Goli ho gayi… Goli ki Roli ho gayi ” (the queen has turned into a maid and the maid has turned into a queen).”

“On being asked by the king as to why did she keep repeating that song, Veeravati narrated the entire story. The king repented and restored the queen to her royal status. It was only the queen’s devotion and her faith that won her husband’s affection and the blessings of Goddess Parvati.”

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