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Add a personal touch to your wedding with these easy-to-do ideas
Gone are the days when weddings were a mostly traditional event, designed and executed according to the parents’ vision. Today, you can plan your wedding personally, down to the last detail. Whether you choose to have a small intimate affair or a big destination wedding, personalising the little details can go a long way in making the celebrations exceptional and memorable for your guests.
You and your fiancé have had a unique and beautiful journey with each other; so why have a wedding that is like any other? It’s really easy to infuse your wedding with your personality and your story, add some flair to the ceremonies and rituals by lending your personal taste!
You know what the best part is? You do not need to burn a hole in your pocket to personalise your wedding. We know that this exercise can sound like an expensive proposition but all it requires is a little bit of thought and plenty of imagination. So we’ve put together a few easy-on-the-wallet and easy-to-do ideas for you to make your special day stand out. These ideas can make not only your day special, but also leave your guests with some lovely memories!
#1 Say it with pictures/Personalise your wedding tables
Add a bit of story to your décor by personalising the centrepieces in your tables. For example, you can have a picture of the city you met in, with a little card describing in short how and where you met. Each table could have a picture of something unique to your journey as a couple – your favourite food, the place where he proposed, the restaurant you always eat at, etc. Not only will the pictures look pretty, but your guests will feel more involved with your in the wedding if they know more about your story. Another great way to connect with your guests is to create a picture slideshow. Use photos from old albums, photos of when you were kids, from your time together as a couple, and even pictures from your parents’ wedding. It always brings on lots of laughter as well as a sentimental tear or two!
#2 Get customized wedding badges made for the guests
You can get quirky badges custom-made for your wedding and hand them out as accessories for the celebrations. It could be your initials designed in a custom font with your wedding date or caricatures of you and your partner. You could even have their names with their relation to you printed on the badge. This can be a great icebreaker for your guests who may not know each other as well as they know you. Also, we’re sure your friends would love to have a wedding souvenir!
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#3 Wedding vows and speeches
Some wedding ceremonies in India involve the priest or an officiant having the couple recite vows from scriptures. But more often than not, the meaning of those words gets lost in translation. Why not make those sacred vows more meaningful by writing your own? They need not be elaborate or grand, but it’s important to speak from the heart and that the promises you make are true to you and your partner’s relationship. This is truly a special way to proclaim your love for your beloved in front of family and friends.
To make your wedding functions a more involved affair, you can ask a few of your closest friends and family members to make speeches. It’s always lovely to hear them speak about fond memories that they may have shared with you and your partner and, of course, humorous anecdotes are always enjoyable by all. These speeches always make for great wedding memories.
#4 Set up a signature cocktail or food station
Organise a separate corner for your own bar and buffet station. The bride and groom can name their favourite drinks as the ‘signature drink’ of the cocktail party.
You can even have your favourite dish/dessert as the ‘special of the day’. A small placard saying ‘The Bride’s Special’ can describe why she loves the dish so much. If you’re pro at making that killer cocktail or baking a pizza, don’t be afraid to get behind the table and show them how it’s done! Your guests will really remember that!
#5 Design your own wedding favours
Instead of giving out traditional fruit and sweet baskets as return gifts, have your wedding planner arrange wedding gifts/favours for your guests that mean something to you. You could get them a box of your favourite chocolate or coffee beans with a little personalised ‘thank you’ note. Getting custom-made labels for favours is also a great idea to add a personal touch and inexpensive to boot. This little heart-felt gesture will work wonders in keeping the memory of your wedding close to their hearts.
#6 Let there be music… and singing and dancing
Customise the playlist for your functions and ensure the DJ plays music you love and not just the latest chartbusters. Throw in songs that are special to you and your partner – from your first concert together or the song that you first danced to. If you have any artistic leanings, nothing can top a special performance by you for your fiancé. Sing a song, play an instrument or prepare a flash mob sequence for your fiancé. You could even write a poem, which is sure to bring out some laughter or even a tear!
We totally agree that leaving it to the wedding planner is much easier than getting involved in all of the detailing. But your wedding is, after all, a very special occasion for you and your family. It’s a time to make very special memories with those you love the most. So go on, give it a good think and add your very own personalised touch to your wedding!
How did you personalise your wedding? Do let us know in the comments!

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