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Couples nowadays aren’t only getting photographed in the most stylish way to store the photographs in a tangible book that they may only look through once or twice a year. Instagram is today’s album. It’s virtual, infinite, instantly available to your friends and family, and all-around beautiful. When you have thousands of photographs to look through, it might be a little difficult to find the ideal Insta-worthy shot. So, to make things simpler for you, we’ve collected a selection of some of the most spectacular wedding photography images that will be the perfect way to declare ‘We got married’ on your Instagram account.
Jaimala shots
While there are many important moments in a wedding ceremony, the ‘exchange of Jaimalas’ is considered the most soul-stirring ritual of them. These beautiful moments, representing a bride and the groom’s final unity on their wedding day, are worth documenting. And arguably one of the finest Instagram clicks to share!
PDA is always good
Our all-time favorite couple photo concept highlights the ideal synergy between two lovers – showing a public display of affection. Take inspiration from these lovely but personal images if you’re the ‘PDA’ type of couple. These photos are ageless and may be shared online at any moment!
Kisses and hugs
Having at least one picturesque ‘seal it with a kiss’ shot among the abundance of necessary solo bridal portraits and sentimental couple images that you will get snapped during your wedding reveries is a MUST.
Filmy shots
Who doesn’t appreciate it when reality resembles a movie? While there are numerous celebrity weddings to inspire us for that ideal Bollywood style photo, there’s something special and gratifying about a real-life couple getting it off.
Mandap moments
Have you ever gone to your spouse amid all the ceremonies and whispered a much-needed joke or conveyed an emotional thought? Make sure your photographer captures that moment for you to relive again and over.
Haldi shots
Whatever anybody says, Haldi ceremonies are the most outstanding of all festivities. Their lightheartedness and genuine moments are wedding photography gold! And they might provide some of the best views of your celebration’s wacky side! Which one of these is your favorite, write to us!

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