50+ Unique Mehndi Designs: Arabic & Simple Masterpieces – Photography  by Harsh Studio Photography : Wedding Photographer in Indore

50+ Unique Mehndi Designs : Arabic & Simple Masterpieces – Photography  by Harsh Studio Photography : Wedding Photographer in Indore

Bridal Mehndi Design by Harsh Studio Photography - Wedding Photographer in Indore

Mehendi has always been an essential part of the bridal journey. While some brides love intricate, elbow-length mehendi designs, many modern brides are opting for simpler and quicker designs. Arabic and simple mehendi designs are gaining popularity for their ease of application and elegant appearance. Arabic mehndi is particularly loved for its minimalistic yet striking look.

Brides today seek the best of both worlds – beautiful designs with minimal application time, allowing them to enjoy their events without long mehendi sessions. In this collection, we’ve curated 85+ stunning Arabic and simple mehendi designs just for you. Get ready to bookmark your favorites!

  • Detailed Beauty! Unique Mehndi Designs
    Every detail matters. Stunning bridal mehndi art beautifully photographed by Harsh Studio Photography, Indore's leading wedding photographer.

    This intricate and detailed mehndi design is perfect for brides wanting something unique yet not too lengthy.

  • Gorgeous Peacock Motif With Jhumkas!
    Peacock and jhumka motifs make this Arabic mehndi design a lovely choice for fans of traditional patterns.

    See more intricate mehndi designs  

  • Lovely Half Moon Style With Gaps!
    This trending gap-style mehendi design, featuring a half-moon motif, is a stunning and unique option.

  • Delicate Henna Design With Daisies!
    For a unique floral design, this delicate daisy mehendi is a real beauty.

  • Haathphool Motif Mehndi Design For Minimal Brides!
    Skip the traditional haathphool with this unique and gorgeous unique mehendi design.

    Embrace the tradition and beauty of bridal mehndi with Harsh Studio Photography, your expert wedding photographer in Indore.

  • Lotus Design for Mehendi!
    Lotus motifs are trending for all the right reasons, and this design is a testament to their beauty.

  • Portrait Style Mehendi in Arabic Style!
    For brides who want portrait mehendi without long application times, this Arabic mehendi style is perfect.

  • Symmetrical Rajasthani Style Mehendi!
    Combine beautiful Rajasthani symmetry with Arabic simplicity for an elegant bridal mehendi.

  • Roses Are Always A Good Idea!
    Roses are a favorite among mehendi artists for their timeless beauty.

  • Rose With A Bracelet Style!
    This unique design pairs a rose motif with a bracelet-style pattern on the wrist.

  • Monogram Mehendi!
    Create a personalized motif or monogram in a monotone style for a unique bridal mehendi.

  • Loving This Half-Moon Henna Design!
    Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs

  • Detailed Henna Design
    This design mixes details with spaces, giving an illusion of fullness while remaining minimalistic.

  • Leaflet Arabic Mehndi Design
    Opt for this Instagram-worthy design for your next special occasion.

  • Simple Leaf Mehndi
    A beautiful presentation of leaves and dots makes this a rich-looking Arabic mehndi design.

  • Latest Arabic Design on Wrist
    Who said Arabic mehndi must cover the full hand? This wrist design is a beautiful alternative.

  • Minimal Wrist Bridal Henna
    These wrist designs are breathtaking and easy to apply.

  • Simple Jaal Mehndi Design For Karwa Chauth
    Effortless yet stunning, this jaal design brings attention to its beautiful details.

  • Arabic Mehendi Designs with Motifs
    Elaborate motifs accentuate this Arabic mehndi, making it a sight to behold.

  • Palm Cuff Decorative Design
    This design mimics the look of palm cuffs, perfect for modern brides.

  • Simple Floral Karwa Chauth Mehndi with Leaves
    This design, reminiscent of childhood patterns, is perfect for bridesmaids.

  • Geometric Arabic Mehndi Design
    This tribal tattoo-like design is visually appealing and perfect for bold brides.

  • Butterfly Mehndi Design
    The newest trend in Arabic mehndi art, this butterfly design is a must-try.

  • Jeweled Backhand Arabic Mehndi
    This design, with dainty jewel details, is perfect for millennials.

Floral Pattern Arabic Bridal Mehndi

  • Lotus Mehndi Art
    The variation of thickness in this design makes it uniquely beautiful.

  • Gorgeous Lotus Henna for Brides
    A mix of blooms and jaal creates an enchanting mehendi design.

  • Elegant Lotus Mehndi
    Swirls and twirls with lotus patterns make this design enchanting.

  • Rose Motif Design
    Floral Arabic mehndi designs are trending, and this rose motif is stunning.

  • Easy Rose Mehndi
    Perfect for intimate weddings, this simple rose mehndi design is beautiful and easy to apply.

  • Floral Bridal Mehndi for Full Hands
    Thick floral motifs create a simple yet attractive mehndi design.

  • Lateral Arabic Mehndi Design
    This non-traditional floral pattern is perfect for brides who want something different.

  • Floral Henna Art For Trendy Brides
    This design is perfect for brides who don’t want to sit for hours.

  • Modern Floral Arabic Design
    Stunning with a dark stain, this design is perfect for Karvachauth.

  • Lotus Overdose Arabic Mehndi
    Intricate lotus art on both hands creates an elegant Arabic mehndi design.

Back Hand Arabic Mehndi Designs

  • Backhand Floral Wonder!
    This lovely floral design is a winner for brides who love florals.

  • This Lovely Half-Hand Mehndi With Jaal Detailing
    Jaal designs are always a favorite, and this one is no exception.

  • A Floral Garden Awaits!
    Create a lovely floral garden on the back of your hand with this design.

  • Mini Heart Shaped Beauty!
    This heart-shaped mehndi design is adorable and minimalistic.

  • Super Simple Trellis Designs For Bridal Mehendi!
    Sometimes simple and pretty is the key to a stunning mehndi design.

  • A Vintage Rose Style Mehendi Design For The Back Of The Hand!
     vintage rose design on the back of the hand is a perfect bridal mehndi design.

  • This Minimal Band Of Flowers That We Are Loving!
    Simple and minimalistic floral bands are perfect for any bride.

  • Unique Haath Phool Inspired Mehendi Design!
    A unique haath phool inspired mehndi design for the back of the hand.

  • A Simple Yet Modern Mehendi Design!
    This modern and easy design is perfect for brides who want a quick mehndi application.

  • This Easy Mehendi Design That Looks Like A Jewelery
    An easy mehendi design that mimics the look of jewelry.

Simple Mehendi Designs For Brides

  • Crisscross Mehndi For Karwachauth
    Crisscross patterns create an intricate yet simple mehndi design.

  • Easiest Ever Minimal Arabic Mehendi Design
    Quick to apply and beautiful, this minimal Arabic mehendi design is a must-try.

  • Gorgeous Easy Minimal Mehendi
    This easy mehendi design is a must-try for its effortless elegance.

Bracelet Mehndi Design For Karwa Chauth

  • Modern Wrist Mehndi Design
    This wrist design, with its modern touch, is perfect for brides who love minimalistic patterns.

  • Gorgeous Karwachauth Mehndi with Flower Design
    Unique and beautifully detailed, this mehndi design is perfect for the modern bride.

  • Bold Flower Vine Mehndi Design
    A single, bold flower vine running from wrist to finger, this design is striking and minimal.

Arabic Mehendi Designs For Your Feet

  • Traditional Henna Art for Feet
    Perfect for both traditional and modern brides, this design is a blend of cultures.

  • Perfect Feet Mehndi Design
    Opt for minimal Arabic design for a chic and modern look.

  • Simple Yet Striking Design
    This design is beautiful, with just the right amount of detail.

  • Pretty Mandala For Feet
    A simple mandala on the feet can be incredibly elegant and easy to apply.

  • Heavy Feet Mehendi Design
    For those who love detailed patterns, this design covers the feet beautifully.

Full Backhand Arabic Mehndi Design

  • Easy Arabic Pattern
    Keep it simple yet beautiful with this easy-to-apply Arabic mehndi pattern.

  • Exquisite Backhand Arabic Mehndi Design
    A design that offers an exquisite look without extensive coverage.

  • Super Stunning Minimal Mehendi Design!
    Perfect for modern brides, this minimal design is stunning and easy to apply.

  • Creative Minimal Mehendi Design!
    This simple mehendi design, with its innovative patterns, is a winner for any bride.

  • Full Hands Arabic Mehndi Design
    For those who love traditional patterns, this full-hand design is perfect.

  • Unique Lotus Patterns
    Intricate lotus patterns create a lovely full-hand design.

  • Beautiful Foot Mehendi Design
    This foot mehendi design is elegant and easy to apply.

Modern & Elegant Arabic Mehndi

  • Stunning Lotus & Mandala Design
    This unique combination of lotus and mandala motifs creates a beautiful design.

  • Simple Arabic Mehndi Design for Feet
    A simple yet striking design for the feet, perfect for any occasion.

  • Unique Mehendi Pattern
    This unique design, with its beautiful motifs, is perfect for modern brides.

  • Gorgeous Jaal Mehendi
    This jaal design is beautiful and easy to apply, perfect for any bride.

  • Full Hand Arabic Mehndi
    For brides who love traditional mehndi designs, this full-hand pattern is a must-try.


These unique Arabic and simple mehendi designs offer a blend of traditional and modern patterns, perfect for any bride or special occasion. Whether you prefer intricate details or minimalistic elegance, there’s a design here for everyone.

Updated on: July 13, 2024

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