Types of Wedding Photography

One of the most important days in anyone’s life is their wedding day! You’re embarking on a new chapter in your life with your sweetheart. It is the day you transition from being a carefree individual to a responsible spouse. And we are confident that you would have made every possible preparation for the event, from fine jewelry to a lavish wedding cake, as well as high-quality cuisine and the most beautiful decorations. Furthermore, assuming that you would have chosen the best wedding ring is pointless.
However, it is also critical that all of the unique moments of the wedding day event be captured as completely as possible. You must recognize that these are the moments that will serve as a constant reminder of your marriage in the years ahead. And who better than a professional photographer to capture the beautiful moments of your wedding day?
Most people, however, make the mistake of asking a friend to photograph their wedding. As a result, the bride and groom are missing from the majority of the photographs. Some couples are even unable to obtain photographs of their ring ceremony.
Yes, it appears absurd, but it is true. Please do not make this mistake! A skilled photographer will not only capture the best images but will also tell a charming story about the wedding celebration. As a result, selecting one will be the best decision you make for your wedding. And, to help you find the best wedding photographers in Chennai, our team has compiled a list of the city’s most well-known names in the art of photography.

Types of Wedding Photography

Extensive and time-consuming planning is always required for good wedding photography. The first step is to decide on a photographic style to use with your potential clients. If you’re not sure what wedding photography styles to give, read about the 10 basic types, as well as my wedding photography suggestions, and choose the one or ones that most appeal to you.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Stunning wedding photography is always the result of careful planning. The first step is to decide on a photographic style with your potential clients. If you’re not sure what wedding photography styles to recommend, read about the 10 most common types, as well as my wedding photography suggestions, and choose the one or ones that appeal to you the most.
Posing typically consumes a significant amount of time in this type of work. Newlyweds can discuss their ideas and desires for the content and appearance of their future photo albums.

Artistic Wedding Photography

Artistic wedding photography is distinguished by an emphasis on imaginative elements. Its primary goal is not simply to document significant events. A professional photographer working in this genre strives to produce a photograph that resembles a work of art. To achieve this look, lighting and composition must be carefully considered. Such photographs also necessitate meticulous and time-consuming preparation and image manipulation. Work certainly pays off, and images like these will never go out of style.

Natural Wedding Photography

Many wedding photographers prefer natural light to flash photography. This method is ideal for weddings held outside. The majority of such modern wedding photographs are frequently taken during the so-called Golden Hour when the lighting is ideal for producing high-quality shots with a predominance of soft and warm hues. To begin working in this genre, you must first understand the fundamentals of light, shadows, and white balance settings.

Editorial Wedding Photography

This style is ideal if you enjoy following the creative trends of glossy magazines. This type of wedding photo session entails the creation of fashion-based images with high-quality settings and unique postures. To stay up to date on the latest ideas, read popular periodicals regularly.

Documentary Wedding Photography

This is a wedding photography style that emphasizes capturing genuine emotions. Unlike many other genres, it does not require posing. Working in this manner requires the photographer to remain unnoticed by the guests while keeping an eye out for all the critical moments. They might get extremely vivid and emotional images this way.
To work in this field, you must have extensive knowledge and exceptional skills. A good photographer should be able to focus quickly on the most important details and capture the most moving moments. A true professional should also be able to quickly change the camera settings to place the necessary accents.

Vintage Wedding Photography

Vintage wedding photography is very popular right now. People enjoy the nostalgic feeling that such photographs evoke. Furthermore, modern retouchers use a variety of photo effects that can turn any image into a throwback photograph. Many newlyweds have rustic wedding ceremonies, demonstrating the significance of this trend.

Black and White Photography

Some people prefer color photos, while others prefer the simplicity of black and white photos. Many photographers convert their color photographs to black and white to hide lighting flaws. This is a wedding photography style in which the focus is on the subject.

Commercial Wedding Photography

This is a wedding photography style in which the focus is on various elements such as a cake, decorations, and flowers. For commercial purposes, wedding photography is more formal. Photographers who specialize in this field may produce images fit for a magazine.

Creative Wedding Photography

This popular technique combines wedding photojournalism and traditional wedding traditions. It is frequently used in wedding photos. This style is distinguished by its attention to composition, backdrop, and lighting. This film making style emphasizes spontaneity and the expression of genuine emotions. There are also some characteristics of landscape photography because the background is so important. It should serve as the photograph’s aesthetic foundation, alongside the newlyweds’ genuine emotions. To be successful in this genre, you must first master the basics of landscape photography.

Aerial Wedding Photography

If you want to keep up with the latest photography trends and create one-of-a-kind wedding photos, you must understand aerial photography. It should be noted that this type of work requires the use of specialized professional equipment. To begin, you must have a high-quality drone equipped with an HD camera. The breathtaking vistas will be captured from above. In this approach, the composition is unimportant because every shot looks great from a high vantage point. There will be plenty of opportunities for overhead photographs if the wedding ceremony is mostly held indoors.

Destination Wedding Photography

The name of this wedding photography style suggests that its main goal is to photograph people in locations far from their homes. Such photo shoots are usually held in foreign countries. This direction includes a wide range of styles. First and foremost, much emphasis is placed on the background here, implying that aspects of landscape photography are present.
The photojournalistic genre also has many creative nuances and aspects. There are also elements of the editorial style shot, in which each photo is treated similarly to magazine photographs, with a focus on architectural and cultural themes.

Dramatic Wedding Photography

This is one of the glitziest, most dramatic, and most staged wedding photography styles. In this scene, lighting is extremely important. To create beautiful shadows and silhouettes, you must first understand how to work with them properly. This style’s photographs are distinguished by intense back lighting. You can create one-of-a-kind portraits with their help. Keep in mind that perfecting the skill of working with extra off-camera flashes will require a significant amount of time.

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