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Wedding photographs are meant to last for ages. They are there even when you are gone and are proudly shared with your future family by your kids and grand kids. If that is how it is, shouldn’t your wedding photographs be something really worth sharing? Something that would be like a piece of art apart from being an inspiration for your generations to be. Here are a few popular photography trends that would help you create photographs that are trendv. artful and inspirational, all at the same time Destination weddings have emerged as a growing trend over the past few years. Another trend that has followed this trend is that of destination photography. Photographs taken are arty, elegant and cinematic in approach. Photographers try to blend the destination with the moments captured and create timeless artistic memories for the couple. Timing and flawless lighting play a huge role in destination wedding photography
The next popular trend these days is one where the photographer tends to add a touch of grandeur to the photos. The photographs are dramatic and capture details, unique architecture or even moments through different camera angles which give the photograph a completely new perspective. There is an immense possibility to add drama through textures, layers, tones, and shadows. This style is great for those with traditional tastes.
One of the rising trends this year is photographs taken in natural light. Outdoor photography for couples allows for abundant light and natural beauty to be captured in a frame apart from just the couple. The pictures are timeless and beautiful. Natural light provides an opportunity to the photographer to take classic photos where despite being in focus, the bride and groom are relaxed and naturally enjoying each other’s company.
Couples these days are hiring photographers to shoot their proposal moments so that the beautiful moment can be relived later by the couple for a lifetime. Even photographers love taking part of this wonderful moment. Emotions of the couple play a major role in these shots. Clicking those candid shots in a beautiful way is where the creativity of a candid photographer lies in.
Let’s admit it – all brides want to look their best on this very important day of their lives. Obviously, all of them put in a lot of effort to create their best possible look. It would be a pity if the painstakingly created look is not captured with an equal amount of detail. This is the exact reason why bridal portraits are gaining ground all across the globe including India. Most brides either do a portrait session in their dresses either before the wedding day or set aside some time for the portrait session on the wedding day itself. Couple portraits are also in vogue.
So, choose the trend that suits your style and goes ahead full blast this wedding season. Remember to book the photographer who meets your style requirements much in advance.harsh studio photography one of the best  professional photographer in indore. His Services  Candid Photography / Cinematography (Wedding Film ) / Save-The-Date / Pre-Wedding Shoot / Engagement  / Traditional  Photography / Traditional Video Shooting / Wedding Albums/maternity shoot/event photographey

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