Pre Wedding Photo shoot
Palash & Riya Jain

This couple’s was photoshoot at two locations. its shoot duretion was 1 days.
1st Location : 2nd day morning 9 am would start shoot at Lotus Valley.Lotus Valley | New growing Hotspot & best for pre wedding photoshoot inMadhyaPradesh.Located in Gulawat village near Tehsil Hatod, Gulawat Lotus Valley is a self-fostered place that is set amidst the backwaters of Yashwant Sagar Dam. Originated from River Gambhir, the valley has now turned out to be one of the most preferred tourist destinations.

2rd Location : Evening time have been shoot at Best Pre wedding location picture location ujjain road, near dharampuri. Distance between Rajwada Indore to picture location is, 30 Kms

IMG 1242
IMG 1278
IMG 1287
IMG 1331
IMG 1568
IMG 1558
IMG 1577
IMG 1583
IMG 1648
IMG 1656 1
IMG 1691
IMG 1732
IMG 1741
IMG 2099
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IMG 2164
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