Pre wedding photo shoot & Cinemetic Films in indore

Today I will discuss on some important point regarding pre wedding photo shoots Indore.
1. Pre wedding Poses: This is really important you must know how to pose properly in front of camera, good professional wedding photographer always gives some tips for posing. 

2. Pre wedding locations: You must select a good location full of natural beauty and the most important is you must be comfortable with your partner their. 

3. Pre wedding theme: There has to be a theme for every pre wedding shoot. 

4. Pre wedding Ideas: You always can have new ideas for shoot or your photographer can suggest you. Please do not hesitate to give your ideas if you have some in your mind. 

5. Pre wedding packages: You can choose according to your budget. Package charges, price and cost may vary according to the level of photographer you have hired. 

6. Pre wedding candid photo shoot: Ask your photographer to click more of candid pictures rather than posing and same type. 

7. Pre wedding costumes: please choose your costumes according to your comfort zone, one traditional and one western dress will do. Most important is that you must be comfortable with what you wear. 8. Pre wedding photo shoot planning: Proper planning is very important if you are going for a pre wedding photo shoot, you must be very careful of the timings for the evening golden light, if you miss that you may have to pros pone your shoot for next day which may in occur more cost for travel and photography.
Pre wedding locations around Indore; India: There are many good location around Indore just a few kilo miters  away from the city, you may choose according to your choice and the theme you have planned for your pre wedding photo shoot.

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