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Wedding Photography Ideas For Bride and Grooms. The wedding album captures all the special moments of the couple’s wedding day and fills them with joy whenever they take a look at it. However, modeling and posing are considered more of a bride’s thing than that of the groom. Well, all grooms it’s your special day too, so don’t let anything keep you away from posing. Make sure that you look no less than your bride. Here are some tips and photographs that you ought not to miss Candid Pre-Wedding Shoots. Are you afraid of the shutterbugs or photos are not just your cup of tea? In either case, simply forgot your hesitation and let loose to enable your photographer to capture the finest moments. After all, these private moments with your loved ones before your wedding deserve all the attention. Showcase the love and chemistry as a couple even before d-day. The last party as a single man. Well, we know what happens at your bachelor party stays at the bachelor party. But, you definitely want some memorable pictures with your friends. Say goodbye to your bachelorhood and capture these fun-filled moments as part of your wedding album.
Your wedding outfit and accessories. Whether you plan to wear a traditional sherwani or western suit, get it clicked before you get into it. Click the accessories, shoes and the wedding ensemble as well. Since later on you might just pack off your wedding ensemble and stash it away in a corner of your wardrobe, get some noteworthy clicks of your attire. The Groom in the Making. As you get ready donning your attire and accessories, get a photo to capture your journey of transforming to the hero of the day. This is truly a memorable time as you get ready with mixed emotions and will definitely make you smile years after.
Feeling like The King. Before your friends and family start clicking pictures with you, get solo photos of yourselves clicked first. You are the king of the event and the same feeling should be reflected in these clicks as well. Flaunt your pride and pose away heartily as the groom.
Groom Entry. Whether you have a grand entry and bring a baraat along or have a simple entry as a groom, this moment is worth making some space in your wedding album. All the joy, bliss and ecstasy as you enter the mandap or wedding event would be certainly visible on your face now.
Special Family Moments. As your parents and family see you start a new chapter of your life, get some special moments to be treasured in your wedding album forever. Let all the sentiments, joy and feelings to be beautifully captured.
Waiting for the Bride and the First Glance at the Bride by the Groom. As you enter the wedding venue, the only thing going on your mind would be where is my queen? Your face is sure to glow with happiness as you see your bride in her wedding ensemble. This changing emotion of impatience as you wait and the final happiness as you get a glimpse of her is a must-capture.
Exchange of Garlands. While your bride will be standing with the garland, your friends or family will try to keep you away from wearing it. Well, we know you will be eager to wear it, but at the same time don’t want to show your eagerness. This pleasant dilemma is certainly worth capturing, isn’t it?
The hand in hand. As you hold hands with your bride to celebrate the togetherness for the lifetime, this moment calls for some good clicks. Believe us, these moments are not to be missed on your wedding album. So, all your grooms out there, pose away and be the true king of your special day. With these great trends, do let us know which ones you like best. We would be extremely glad to hear which one/s you used and how people swooned over your look.

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