7 Wedding trends that will shine in 2022

In the year 2022, most things, including weddings and special occasions, regained their former glory of colorful extravagance, but with a more thoughtful approach. The pandemic has left us all yearning for human connection more than ever, and couples and their families are looking to make weddings even more special than they have been in the past. For those of you planning a wedding in 2022, here’s the lowdown on the hottest wedding trends, straight from industry experts, to help you plan the perfect event.


The OTT extravagance and global novelty of the Big Fat Indian wedding will never die, but in the last two years, laidback luxury has slowly gained popularity. People are preferring close-knit celebrations with more plush arrangements and personal touches over fuss and formality, owing primarily to the Pandemic.
Small details
Couples and families are opting for smaller, more intimate functions where they can spend more on a better quality experience, rather than putting on a show. Personalization and one-of-a-kind customizations will make the celebration more memorable for you and your loved ones.

Minimal guest-list

We’re still not ready to go back to the days of extravagant weddings with guest lists in the thousands. Even though most places have relaxed their guest restrictions, couples and families still prefer the comfort and hassle-free enjoyment of smaller get-togethers with only those closest to them. Exclusive curated guest lists not only make events feel more personal and memorable, but they also free up funds for that dream venue or outfits, one-of-a-kind entertainment, or anything else you desire.

Wedding Entertainment

Entertainment is quickly becoming an important part of celebrations, and it is not limited to music and dance performances. After a tumultuous two years, couples want to share their joy and excitement with their loved ones, let loose and have fun, not just on Sangeet night, but at all of their functions. Couples are embracing unique concept photobooths, disco nights, rain dance, stand-up comedy, live entertainers embedded in the crowd, circus acts, magic shows, dance floors that spill out from the stage to the beach, and so much more to add a dose of fun and novelty to every occasion.

Daytime weddings

Say goodbye to evening vows and weddings under the stars. Take a cue from celebrities such as Katrina Kaif and Patralekhaa and host a dreamy daytime wedding. Day weddings are becoming increasingly popular due to their refreshing ambiance, decor possibilities, and photo-worthy golden hour moments. magic shows, dance floors that spill out from the stage to the beach, and so much more to add a dose of fun and novelty to every occasion.

Virtual Save-The-Date

Virtual save-the-dates are here to stay, providing a lot more versatility in terms of design and creativity, not to mention the convenience of reaching guests all over the world.
People all over the world have recently shown their compassionate side as they banded together to help each other cope with a global pandemic. Weddings and celebrations, like everything else, are becoming more thoughtful as more couples choose to honor their big day by giving back to society by asking guests to donate to charities instead of gifting, managing wedding waste, distributing food to the underprivileged, and other initiatives. WeddingSutra Charity Registry is a fantastic way to double your wedding joy by changing lives

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